Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Downloader

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Maybe it's strange when i write an English essay here. Yes this blog Indonesian, but when I wanna realize my monetize for this blog, I should mix it with English. Sorry if my English is bad. And now, in my mind, only this title: Happy Downloader. I wanna give you the keys to become a happy downloader when you connected to the internet. Okay, because blog main theme is software, i wanna share about downloading software. It is a relax essay, so be fun!

Who is happy downloader?
Yes, a downloader who gets what he download for. Alhamdulillah, all praises only for Allah, i am. I don't have any ADSL internet in home. I don't have much money. But i always get what i need when downloading. I am not smart, but if this title look like phenomenal essay 'How To Become A Hacker', i am sorry.

The ways?
There are many different ways. Between you and me, there are many differents. But i wanna share mine.

1) Know the download source
You should know where you can get what do you need. Usually i go to Softpedia when i wanna get software, especially freeware. You can use another website such as Cnet, Snapfiles, Filehippo, Sourceforge, and Freshmeat. I have visited them all but the most is Softpedia. And you can see another: Soft32, ZDnet, Geardownload, Tucows, Filecluster, Majorgeeks, and so on. There are so many free software download portal. This is only small list.

2) Use download manager
You can use download accelerator application like Gigaget, Free Download Manager, Download Accelerator Plus, Star Downloader, Orbit Downloader, and so on. All free, no trial. But if you wanna buy, choose Internet Download Manager (IDM). I often use its trial version on Windows, never buy it. Because the PC is freezed by DeepFreeze application, I can use the trial for many times. Wow. And IDM speed is great. I often get more than 100 KB/s in Indonesia. I am sure you can get more. Haha.

3) Know the size
You should know what size of your file. So, you can measure when the download progress end.

4) Know your file
What file do you download? You should know. Read the description first. Or if you don't know what file you wanna download, you can start reading good software portal like Softpedia.

5) Do backup
You should make backup for your files. Do it after downloading. I do it by saving any download today in a folder named 12 September 2012. This trick i do for years. So, i just copy those folders (when the size become big) to another folder in my PC or another media. Do this, because a happy downloader is also a man who get something and can use that whenever he want. Nobody wanna lost his data befure used. Once again, do this!

Yes i am trying to write. I wanna improve my english day by day. Only this i can share with you today.  If someday i have new idea, i will add it. I hope this will be useful.

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